Message of the Executive Director

Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) is one of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable regions in the country in terms of almost all major deprivation indicators, such as lack of income and employment opportunities poverty, inadequate water, sanitation and health facilities, environment, inadequate access to education; gender discrimination, less access to public institutions and services; conflict over land and productive asset and inter community confidence etc. The CHT situated in Southeastern part of Bangladesh is topographically, demographically, geographically and socio-culturally very different from other parts.

Most of the inhabitants of this upland forest hilly area are Adivasi/Ethnic communities (Indigenous Peoples). They like to introduce themselves together as `Jumma’. This area is covered with innumerable hills and hillocks, natural forest, springs and rivers and fascinating different natural lakes including man-made (Kaptai “Lake’). The living condition and situation of the residents in this area are rigorous and far different from the plain land.

Indigenous community people have been deprived of participation in the mainstreaming from various development processes and have been kept out of development planning and implementation of different initiatives. The imbalance has been created for the indigenous community people related to the social, political, economical, technical, cultural and other development processes.

Under these undesirable situations, Green Land is committed to plan and implement any initiatives by engaging them in planning, implementation and monitoring. It considers them as the subjects and objects of their development. It follows community -led development approach. Green Land was established on 01 October 2006 for creating an environment-friendly development approach and contributing to the socio-economic-development of the indigenous communities’ regardless of gender and age. Hope the Green Land will achieve its promised results. 

U Than Sein

Executive Director

Green Land, Bandarban Hill District